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Tablas para picar / for starters / borrelplank

Tabla de Buenos Aires

A selection of Argentina’s finest cheeses, hams and chorizos paired with grilled vegetables, olives and homemade empanadas.  Delicious with a nice glass (or bottle) of Malbec.

18,75   p.p

Tabla de Salta

A vegetarian picada, inspired by the magical region of Salta in the North of Argentina. A lot of cheese topped with our own homemade sweet potato jam with a hint of Inca chocolate, empanadas with choclo (corn), grilled vegetables, salted peppers & sweet potatoes. Perfect with a nice glass of Torrontes.

20   p.p


Las Tablas Compartidas / for shared dining

As a basis you can choose individually between La Pampa (meat) or Patagonia (fish or vegetarian) and on the basis of those choices we will create a custom Tabla for you and your loved ones to enjoy. A feast to enjoy in good company and with good wine!


Tabla de la Pampa

The province of Argentina where cows roam freely over an amount of land, three times bigger than the Netherlands and which holds the secret of the quality of the meat on this table. Try our Tabla with premium Argentinian Tenderloin or Ribeye paired with homemade chimichurri & criolla, fries, vegetables and more tasty appetizers. Beautiful with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon or 
Malbec. Also delicious with our tasty beers!

For 2 to share    75

Tabla de Patagonia

The south of Argentina, a region in which all beauties of nature come together: glaciars, mountains, penguins and whales, sheep and lynxes. This Tabla emphasizes the enormous diversity of Patagonia and changes with the seasons, just like the region. Fresh fish, the famous cordero (lamb) de Patagonia or juicy ribs together with seasonal herbs and vegetables. Be surprised by the nature of Patagonia and embark on a tasting journey. Every season has a different wine, feel free to ask us 
for suggestions! Seasonal spices, seasonal prices.

For 2 to share    75

Acompanamientos caseros / homemade appetizers

Papas fritas caseras o batata

hand cut (sweet) potato fries     4,80

Papas bravas con salsa roja y blanca

crispy triangular potatos with red and white sauce    7,50

Ensalada mixta

fresh side salad with onions, tomato, lettuce, olives and mustard cumin seed dressing    6

Ensalada criolla

fresh side salad with radish, cheese, tomato, cucumber, onion and olives    9,75

Berenjena o zapallito relleno

grilled eggplant or zucchini grated with cheese and honey    8

Pimientos del padron

salted peppers in olive oil    8,50

Croquetas de jamon, atun o vegetales

homemade ham, tuna or vegetable croquettes    9,50


a typical Argentinian grilled cheese    11

Empanadas de carne, mais, queso, pollo o atún

the emblematic Argentinian pastries stuffed with meat, corn, cheese, chicken or tuna    10

Gambas al ajillo

fresh prawns baked in garlic and dressed in tomato/basil sauce    11

Chorizo al infierno

marinated spicy sausages flamed in brandy    8

Alitas de pollo

chicken wings with Argentinian herbs    11

Jamon Iberico de Bellota   23,50


Salsas & dips


it originated in Argentina, made of finely chopped parsley, minced garlic,

olive oil, oregano and red wine vinegar. Delicious on a steak!    4

Salsa criolla

a South American sauce with onion, red bell pepper, tomato,

vinegar, oil and garlic    4

Pimienta Verde

a creamy, homemade pepper sauce    4

Salsa Picante

a spicy sauce with habaneros, mint and roasted paprika!    4


mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil    4

avocado-based dip    5,75



Carnes / meat dishes 

Hamburguesa casera    15 


sweet marinated ribs with fries    18

Milanesa de pollo

Argentinian style breaded chicken filet    21

Milanesa de ternera

Argentinian style breaded tenderloin filet    24

Costillas de cordero

Patagonian lamb racks with a nice crust and baked potato w/ grilled vegetables    24

Bife de Chorizo* – entrecote Argentinian steak 
200g     24        250g    28        300g
- €31,-

Bife de Ancho* – Argentinian rib-eye
200g     24        250g    28        300g    31

Bife de Lomo* – premium Argentinian tenderloin

        200g    25        250g    29        300g    32

* w/ fries or a baked potato and grilled vegetables



Ensaladas / salads

Ensalada Reinaldo

a delicious Latino salad with avocado, roasted corn, broad & black beans, crema fresca, tomato, mint, quinoa and a lemon dressing    15

Ensalada Caprese

buffalo mozarella, tomato, oregano and balsamico-basil pesto    14,-

Ensalada Dulce

salad with sweet potato, couscous, lettuce and a honey dressing   15



Pescados / fish dishes 


Grilled dorada

freshly grilled fish with steamed vegetables, lemon and Patagonian herbs    22

Gambas a la parilla

the king of prawns, caught and grilled, garnished with steamed vegetables and a black lemon sauce    23


Merluza a la Bilbaina
Hake fish prepared in a traditional Basque way with vegetables and marinated in a homemade tomato sauce    22

Sopas / soups 

Sopa de tomate

fresh and creamy tomato soup    7


Sopa de verduras

vegetable soup    7



Postres / homemade desserts

Flan con dulce de leche

Argentinian flan with the famous caramel topping, fresh cream and a hint of vanilla    7

Crema Catalana

the original Spanish cinnamon & vanilla flavoured masterpiece    7   


flavoury, heavy and sweet    8

 Moelleux de Dulce de leche & chocolat

lava cake with a liquid heart of dulce de leche, topped with red fruits    9



Bebidas / dranken

Café Espresso    2,50
Cappuccino    3,50
Doble espresso    3,80
Café    2,80
Café con leche    2,95
Café decafé    2,80

Café Irlandés    7,50
Café Frances    7,50
Café Español    7,50
Café Italiano    7,50
Carajillo    4,90

Té    3,20
Té de menta fresca    3,90 
Té de gengibre    3,90
Mate (Argentijnse thee)    4,90-

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