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La Tabla

Here at La Tabla we will introduce you to 
an authentic selection of tasty Picadas. A Picada is a combination of Argentinian delicacies served on wooden boards called Tablas. For Argentines, a picada is a reason to meet.

For anyone who has not had a picada in Argentina, there are three things to know: Firstly, it mustn’t be rushed, because it’s not only about the food but also the conversation. Secondly, on the table there will be all kinds of meats, vegetables and cheeses. And thirdly, wine is very important, red, white or even rosé. Actually, you can also absolutely have beer instead of wine and it will still count as a picada. 

Whatever your drink of choice, the Argentine 
food ritual is as much about the people as it is 
about the plate.

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