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Menu from 12:00-16:00



Argentinian shredded rib-eye steak with chimichurri, lettuce, tomato and fresh onions in a baguette. €9,-


Thin-sliced tenderloin in a toasted brioche bun with cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce and guacamole. €12,-

Provoleta (V)

A sandwich with a typical melted Argentinian cheese with oregano and grilled paprika. €9,50

Jamon Iberico

Spanish premium ham with tomato, olive oil and salad. €7,50-


Grilled chorizo with chimichurri or criolla. €7,50

Milanesa de polllo

A slim breaded chicken filet with lemon, lettuce and criolla dressing. Fresh and healthy. €9,-

Milanesa de carne

A typical Argentinian sandwich with a breaded meat filet, with salad, cheese and tomatosauce. €9,-


Homemade mix of tuna, onion and criolla with rucola. Nice, savoury and fresh. €7,50




a typical Argentinian grilled cheese – €9,-

Empanadas de carne, mais, queso, pollo o atún

the emblematic Argentinian pastries stuffed with meat, corn, cheese, chicken or tuna – €10,-

Gambas al ajillo

fresh prawns baked in garlic and dressed in tomato/basil sauce – €8,-

Chorizo al infierno

marinated spicy sausages flamed in brandy - €8,-

Alitas de pollo

chicken wings with Argentinian herbs – €8,-


Jamón ibérico 

100grams of Iberian Ham –  €17,50,-


Empanadas with beef, chicken, corn, cheese or tuna

Mix 3 for €10,-

Ensaladas / salads

Ensalada Reinaldo

a delicious Latino salad with avocado, roasted corn, broad & black beans, crema fresca, tomato, mint, quinoa and a lemon dressing - €15,-

Ensalada Caprese

buffalo mozarella, tomato, oregano and balsamico-basil pesto – €12,-

Ensalada Dulce

salad with sweet potato, quinoa, avocado, lettuce and a honey dressing – €15,-

Ensalada Ribeye

salad with fresh onions, tomato, lettuce and ribeye covered with chimichurri– €16,-

Plato principal / main course


Hamburguesa casera -  €15,- 

Milanesa de pollo

Argentinian style breaded chicken filet – €18,-

Milanesa de ternera

Argentinian style breaded tenderloin filet – €19,-

Bife de Ancho* – Argentinian rib-eye
200g - €21,-   250g - €26,- 300g - €29,-

Bife de Lomo* – premium Argentinian tenderloin 
200g - €23,- 250g - €27,- 300g - €30,-

* w/ fries or a baked potato and grilled vegetables


Grilled dorada

freshly grilled fish with steamed vegetables, lemon and Patagonian herbs – €20,-

Gambas a la parilla

the king of prawns, caught and grilled, garnished with steamed vegetables and a black lemon sauce - €21,-


Tabla Vegetariana

Spicy guacamole, grilled provolone, sweet potato fried, grilled vegetables

- €20,-



Flan con dulce de leche

Argentinian flan with the famous caramel topping, fresh cream and a hint of vanilla - €7,-

Crema Catalana

the original Spanish cinnamon & vanilla flavoured masterpiece - €7,-



flavoury, heavy and sweet - €6,-

 Moelleux de Dulce de leche & chocolat

lava cake with a liquid heart of dulce de leche, topped with red fruits - €8,-